Solar Thermodynamics

Thermodynamic panels are a stunning new way of providing your home’s hot water and heating requirements. This exciting new technology has revolutionised the way home owners can reduce their carbon footprint, become self-sufficient and reduce energy bills. This panel DOES NOT require sunlight just collects heat from the atmosphere and produces water at 55 degrees all year round, day and night.

The Thermodynamic Atmospheric panels outperform Solar Thermal as they can provide 100% of your hot water whereas as the latter can only produce 70%. Possibly the best asset associated with this new technology is the size of the panels, as they are smaller than some PV panels, and they do not necessarily have to be mounted on a roof (in fact they can even be fixed to walls). This is obviously a huge benefit to customers who have already received PV installations and have little or no roof space available. Lastly the panels can work in temperatures as low as -15 degrees providing the customer with hot water all year round with complete peace of mind.

How do Thermodynamics Panel Systems work?

  1. Aluminium Panels. A special fluid circulates through the aluminium panels where energy is absorbed from the ambient temperature transforming the liquid into a gas.
  2. Compressor. The gas is then compressed inside the compressor which causes it to become very hot.
  3. Hot Water Cylinder. This hot gas then flows through a heat exchanger inside the water cylinder which in turn heats the water.
  4. Expansion Valve. Finally, the gas goes through an expansion valve and reverts back to a liquid which flows back into the aluminium panels and the process repeats.

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